This is the list of recurring characters on LA to Vegas who appeared (or were heard) live in two or more episodes of a season.

The total number of each character's appearances is included per season, regardless of whatever credits the actor may have received or if the actor or body double was uncredited. Characters who have appeared in multiple seasons have their grand total calculated in the final section. As with the appearances templates on each character's page, photographs are excluded.

Season 1Edit

For specific episode appearances, see Character appearances
Character Actor Episode count Season count Total count
Artem Peter Stormare 6 6 6
Nichole Hayes Olivia Macklin 6 6 6
Bernard Jasser Nathan Lee Graham 6 6 6
Colin McCormack Ed Weeks 6 6 6
Ronnie Messing Kim Matula 6 6 6
Captain Dave Pratman Dylan McDermott 6 6 6
Captain Steve Jasser Dermot Mulroney 2 2 2