Nichole hayes is a young woman that flies every week from L.A to Vegas for go to the strip club she works _________________________________________________________________ Biography: Since an undetarminated date, nichole goes every weekend to Las Vegas to Work on a strip club and she use to lie to her mom that she is studying. First season: There is one episode in First season that nichole went to vegas with her mother, Patrícia and ask her friends to cover up her lie.she lied to her mom that she was studying in vegas to her don't figure out that her daughter was a sripper.but then there was a missunderstanding and nichole lied to her mom that she was dating with capitain the end of the episode her mother found out that nichole was liyng about date with Dave and instead Tell the truth she lies to her mom that is lesbian and dates with Ronnie,and keeps not telling her mother about being a sripper.  In the last episode,she Tries to stop capitain Dave to propose to her mother,and then she tells the truth about being a stripper and because of that her mom kicked her out of their house and she moved in with bernard. _________________________________________________________________ Friends: Ronnie,capitain dave,artem,Bernard,Alan, Collin Familly: Patricia Hayes(mother)